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Paula Leiva Granger

I am a painter, teacher, illustrator and calligrapher, I have a long professional life, collaborating with different galleries, private universities, public cultural centers, media, publications and events, around the world.
I did my studies at the Escola Massana, Barcelona.
It gives me great pleasure to paint, accompany and educate with love to look at objects, light, discover form, mix color, draw the human body and nature, and share art.

About my work:
“Refinement, chromatic exquisiteness, formal simplicity, compositional liberty, flattened perspective, emptiness as an aesthetic value, seasonal mutation…are the classical attributes of Japanese painting that Paula Leiva adapts to her own artistic restlessness, to her idea of beauty and the passage of time.
Gold leaf papers the background over which delicate fruit and vegetable compositions are framed, sending us back to the traditional rinpa and four seasons (shiki-e) decorative painting.
Atemporality, symbolised in the golden surface, embraces non-permanence and the cyclic expression of nature.
In reference to the depictions of dreaming women with jet-black hair, which contrasts with their ivory or lightly tanned flesh, we are reminded of another Japanese pictorial genre, the bijin-ga representations of geishas and courtesans in boudoir scenes.
These are urban figures from a flowing world, where the daily gesture bespeaks a certain existential retreat, where the intense carmine and silvery yellow draws us into an emotional impasse, in moments of idleness where the void is filled with emotional intensity.”
Written by Anna Adell,
June 27, 2014

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